Automated Mobile App Testing: Basic Test Types To Know

Automated Mobile App Testing: Basic Test Types To Know

Customers are most likely to abandon a mobile app if it loads slow, or doesn’t behave as they expect. For quite obvious reasons, you won’t want this to happen to your app. That is why, it is advised to make testing an integral part of the development process. Or, you can entrust the job to the professional software test automation services. But, do you know what these services offer? Here are a few basic test types explained.

  1. Unit testing

Unit testing is a mobile app test where the code is broken into scrutinizable pieces and tested for the functional abilities that contribute to proper working of the app. This test is carried out during the development phase itself. Thus, it allows plugging the loopholes at an early stage. 

  1. Functional testing

Mobile apps need to be compatible with all types of operating systems, devices or user interfaces that come up with changing times. Thus, the functional testing ensures that the app is easy to access and work with on all platforms. This test, when automated, can help you get the results from tests on all devices real fast and speed up the roll-out. Functional testing is done to ensure that the app performs uniformly well and so, helps businesses reach more customers and improve their bottom line.

Leveraging on the app features becomes a meaningful thing to do when these features are supported by all devices or are seamless in functioning with upgraded versions in future.

  1. Integration testing

Apps need to be easy to integrate with interfaces through which a business intends to reach the customers. It is essential to automate this testing as the interfaces are numerous and have their distinct functional requirements. Thus, by performing the integration tests across interfaces in an automated manner, multiple use case scenarios can be considered. 

To sum up,

Applications prove beneficial for businesses in maximizing reach as the customers are reportedly on their mobile phones most part of the day. With the features like immediacy in delivery of intent and meeting user expectations, businesses can outdo the competitors and can achieve a cost-effective way of expanding their operations too. Reach the best software test automation services that can provide you suitable solutions at budget and deliver results real fast to be the next big thing in your respective domain.

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