DevOps vs Continuous Delivery

DevOps vs Continuous Delivery

Do you also use the terms; Continuous Deployment (CD) and DevOps interchangeably?

Well, are they even similar?

Let’s simplify this with a help of a demonstration.

Suppose you enrolled yourself in a relevant course in Udemy. During the whole program, your focus would be on the excellent delivery of the concepts along with receiving the apt study material. These two factors would allow you to make the most of the program and enhance your knowledge further, which is also your primary end-goal.

Would it really matter to you that how the faculty is preparing to deliver the session, or from what sources they are relying on to frame the study material?

Well, of course these parameters do hold the importance but your subconscious expects all of them to be already apt and reliable. As a consumer, you end goal in such scenario would be making the most out the course by attending insightful sessions, clearing your doubts from the faculties and going through the study material.

In a similar way, DevOps ensure all the seamless backend work in the process of software development. However, clients are only concerned with quick software delivery along with the premium quality. Client is not interested in whether you are following the best practices of DevOps or not. Their end goal is simply continuous delivery and deployment.

Intersection Of DevOps and Continuous Delivery

DevOps is concerned with collaborative culture, automated testing, small teams and ceaseless assurance to furnish customer value- driven quality. However, continuous delivery, the aim is to optimize the entire process from brainstorming to building efficient software. It is concerned with delivery continuous value to its customers, both quickly and sustainably. Therefore opting DevOps complements continuous delivery. To make the most out of it, organizations must adopt DevOps practices while emphasising on continuous delivery. Such amalgamation would lead to accelerated delivery and reduced overhead communication


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