The Shift Towards Intelligent Quality Engineering from Quality Assurance

The Shift Towards Intelligent Quality Engineering from Quality Assurance

The shift towards intelligent quality engineering from quality assurance has secured the utmost importance for quality in the complete software development cycle. With the internet revolution in effect across the globe, human life has become much more dependent on technology. That’s why developing error-free applications that simplify usability has been one of the top priorities for businesses. Thanks to the growing demand for quality assurance, software development has experienced a shift of the paradigm where intelligent quality engineering has become the prima facie of assuring quality. In this article, we will talk about the ever-evolving testing process that the software industry has experienced. Check out to know more about the phenomenon.

Evolution Testing Process through Process Driven Quality Assurance

The introduction of Agile and DevOps has completely revolutionized the QA process. The rising technology dependencies have led to the increased complexity of mobile and computer applications, which is why it’s extremely important for testers to know and understand real-time scenarios and identify defects within the process.

Intelligent quality engineering ensures quality product development by introducing development and testing simultaneously in accordance. In the traditional development process, the QA team used to come at the end of the development cycle. And issues would have been resolved before the app reached the end-users. But, as we shift towards Quality engineering, we introduce testing at an early stage.

Through Quality Engineering, the QA team can design their test automation strategy at the first stage of the development cycle. Then the development, operations, and the Quality Engineering team work hand in hand as a single unit. As soon as the products start developing, the QE team implements executable code and verifies their cross-platform functionality. Having an automated system, the development team receives quicker feedback and incorporates them into the software development through a continuous integration process.

The new model ensures that businesses spend less time and resources on manual testing and conduct most automated test cases.


Quality engineering not only ensures quality products but also concentrates more on building a process of quality product development by minimizing waste. At IntelliTech Consulting, we have professional QEs to help you build state-of-the-art products by implementing quality testing strategies, self-adaptive testing systems, and automated QA guidelines.

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