Continuous Delivery Services

IntelliTech’s Continuous Delivery Services help businesses become lean to stay agile and innovative.


Continuous Delivery Services


IntelliTech’s Continuous Delivery Services can help businesses become lean to stay agile and innovative.

Through the continuous delivery service, companies gain the ability to get changes of all types of things like configuration changes, new features, experiments, bug fixes. They also are able to move into production faster, and into the world of users in a safe and quicker, more sustainable way. 

We make sure to provide the best services when it comes to continuous delivery by making sure that the code changes are prepared for a release to production automatically. We expand upon continuous integration by deploying all types of code changes to a production or testing environment after the initial build-up stage. When this has been implemented, the developers can always have a built artifact that will be ready for deployment and one that has passed through a test process that is standardised. 

We can also automate the testing process using continuous delivery so that application verification updates can be across multiple dimensions before they eventually reach the customer. We can help you validate updates thoroughly and also pr-emptively discover issues through this process. The tests that we run include UI Testing, integration testing, load testing, API reliability testing and many more. 

Digital success requires robust QA automation testing services to help you release flawless applications at speed. Market needs are increasing the pressure on businesses to adopt automation to shorten delivery cycles:

IntelliTech’s Continuous Delivery Services can help businesses become lean to stay agile and innovative. We help you ensure reliable, low-risk releases while efficiently implementing user feedback, market shifts, and evolving business strategy. We ensure test, development, support, and operations work in harmony as a single delivery team.

IntelliTech offers a vast pool of experienced and qualified DevOps engineers who can help your business ensure continuous delivery while building secure, scalable, and user-friendly applications. We leverage advanced tools and platforms to help you stay lean and agile while managing complex projects and applications. Our tried and tested automation strategy can help you achieve greater ROI and efficiency in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Continuous delivery (CD) is a software engineering technique focused on short software cycles. Teams can successfully deliver software by working in short cycles. Software development teams may build, test, and distribute software more quickly and frequently with the help of CD (Continuous Delivery). Thus, they can significantly minimize the cost, effort, and risk associated with implementing each change. Continuous delivery relies on a repeatable deployment mechanism.

Automatically updating software on a mobile device is an example of continuous delivery.

Mobile developers are required to develop a positive user experience. As they deal with users, they require the flexibility of Continuous Agile. But they confront many obstacles. Continuous Delivery is the potential to safely and swiftly deploy new features, system updates, bug fixes, and experimentation into production or users’ hands.

IntelliTech consulting has considerable experience supporting and accelerating Continuous Delivery services using open source and commercial tools. We can assist you in selecting the most appropriate tools for you. IntelliTech consulting services may help your organization integrate continuous delivery into your agile and DevOps strategies, enabling you to produce production-ready code better, more effectively, and with less risk.