Functional Testing Services in UAE

Get the desired functional quality for your apps while accelerating time-to-market and customer loyalty.


Functional Testing Services in UAE


Enhancing the app’s performance and making it more scalable with IntelliTech’s Performance Testing Services is what we aim to do.

Functional testing is a very important part of developing a business, as it always verifies if your system is fixed for release. These functional tests define your working system in a very useful manner. During functional testing, the application has to be validated by a tester to see if all the specific requirements of the client have been incorporated or not. We always focus on the requirements of the customers and their expectations. 

Our experienced team holds a lot of importance in the process as they analyse individual pieces of information within the application and match the contexts too. We look into particular items and identify integration points between the item and other parts of the mobile applications. We then pursue a strategy to inspect the weak points that we have detected within the application. Our team knows how to exploit any weaknesses and identify any kinds of bugs that we might find. 

We make sure that the organisations underlying quality fundamentals are concrete and that every individual should have a vivid understanding of how functional testing can help you achieve the goals of the business. 

Our process involves the following steps. First we identify the function that is to be performed. Then we create input data based on the specifications of function. After that we determine the output based on the specifications of function. Then we execute the test case and compare the actual and expected output.

Robust functional testing services in UAE have become business-critical to deliver a delightful customer experience. IntelliTech helps businesses ensure that their software and apps are able to deliver the experience and performance they are designed for. We ensure the functionality, stability, and reliability of the product before it reaches the hands of customers.

We have an experienced and qualified team of functional testers to help you deliver world-class products and services flawlessly.

Our Functional Testing Services in UAE Help You Release Software Products at Scale and Speed

End-to-End to Functional Testing

We help agile projects at an early stage to identify requirements and develop relevant test cases. Our test engineers work closely with developers to ensure flawless functionality of every build while bringing more accuracy and value to the SDLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Functional testing gives QA teams the guidance, validation, and inspiration necessary for QA teams to develop high-quality software solutions. That’s why the most successful QA teams often conduct functional testing. Functional testing compares the app’s functionalities to the user specifications. Functional testing focuses on the software’s essential function; hence it largely relies on its requirements. The primary goal of functional testing is to validate the software system’s functionality. It focuses primarily on

  • Core functions
  • User Interface Fundamentals
  • Accessibility
  • Error Factors

Benefits of Functional Testing –

  • It ensures client or end-user satisfaction.
  • It provides the development of a defect-free product or software.
  • It guarantees that all requirements are fulfilled.
  • It assures that all the application/software/product features are working properly.
  • It provides safety and assurance.
  • It enhances the product’s quality.
  • Product/software risks and losses are minimized.

IntelliTech consulting’s QA testing teams have extensive experience providing high-quality QA, functional testing services in UAE, and results-driven software testing across industries and verticals. Our software testing solutions are customized to our client’s specific needs. Our outstanding testers have extensive experience testing even the most complicated applications. This includes mobile, tablets, desktops, cloud, browsers, and operating systems. In addition, our automated testing framework has been refined over years of project experience.