Continuous Testing Services

Accelerate your DevOps pipeline with our Continuous Testing Services.


Continuous Testing Services


Accelerate your DevOps pipeline with our Continuous Testing Services.

There is an increasing pressure to excel in the world of digital media and technology as the marketplace keeps getting more competitive. Providing innovative digital experiences in every product and software release is of paramount importance. To remain competitive, you need the exemplary team at IntelliTech and their services to ensure that your organisation can push products to the market before the competition can.

Our team augments and innovates development and testing methods with the adoption of next-generation continuous testing and test automation processes so that we can accelerate releases while we still maintain the quality. Our continuous testing process facilitates the rapid feedback of any bugs that are found or any risks that are associated with the module or its release or the product that will be upgraded or developed.

A continuous testing delivery cycle consists of a development, source commitment, monitoring and deployment. This allows and enables the commitment of newer code modules and they can be pushed faster for testing. There are numerous benefits to continuous testing which are as follows:

It accelerates the release cycles, which means that the updates are released and updated frequently and quicker.It provides early feedback to the stakeholders which helps analyse business risk coverage and also helps in achieving a faster time to the market.It helps in improving the test coverage by ensuring a faster turnaround time when dealing with identifying and eliminating any sort of errors very early in the development cycle.

Businesses are at risk of losing customers and brand value without being able to bring innovative digital offerings while ensuring robust functionality, performance, security, and customer experience among others. Intellitech offers continuous testing services to help you optimize CI/CD pipeline for faster time-to-market. 

Our continuous testing services & automation capabilities hook into your dev environment to help perform in-depth checks for product sanity, while our continuous testing services help you achieve the desired scale.

We can help you enhance your software delivery processes by optimizing the phases of the testing cycle, integrating testing with operations and development, automation of tests, and leveraging new-age QA tools and methodologies including ML and AI.

End-to-End Continuous Testing Services

IntelliTech helps you understand that DevOps is not just about end-to-end test automation. You need to understand people, teams, processes, and tools to implement DevOps efficiently.

IntelliTech can help you embed quality throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Eliminate QA bottlenecks at a faster pace to ensure high-quality software releases cost-efficiently. Our continuous testing services can help businesses benefit from rapid and continuous feedback to make more informed decisions for enhanced quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Continuous Testing in DevOps is software testing that entails testing the software at each stage of its development lifecycle. Continuous testing’s objective is to evaluate the quality of the software at each stage of the Continuous Delivery procedure by testing early and frequently.

  • Continuous testing’s major objective is to determine the extent to which business risks are covered.
  • Continuous Testing provides rapid insight into how a release candidate is too unsafe for the delivery pipeline to proceed with.
  • To preserve the user experience and minimize software failure headlines, the team uses Continuous Testing to establish a safety net.
  • Continuous Testing necessitates the availability of a reliable test environment and valid test results for every test run.
  • Continuous Testing entails executing the appropriate set of tests at the proper level of the delivery pipeline—all without creating a bottleneck.

IntelliTech consulting’s Continuous Testing services contribute significantly to client success:

  • Continuous Testing is the subject of consulting and downstream engineering.
  • Non-intrusive, timely consulting services
  • Orchestrated Delivery: We ensure that the quality is the same across all departments.
  • Cloud Computing & Containerization
  • Hyper-Automation
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning-Based Continuous Testing Platform
  • Continuous testing using open source tools in a DevOps Test Lab