Performance Testing Services In UAE

Enhance app’s performance and make it more scalable with IntelliTech’s Performance Testing Services.


Performance Testing Services in UAE


Get the desired functional quality for your apps while accelerating time-to-market and customer loyalty.

At IntelliTech we provide extensive performance testing services, and performance testing has a huge role to play in producing software that delivers and increases the value of business. Performance testing determines a lot of things about a company or organisation, things like whether the speed of your software meets stability, scalability and speed requirements under the expected workloads.

We have the capacity for data set up and management, where the performance tests need to run repeatedly and with large volumes of data being created which is not easy for most companies to manage on their own. We create performance tests that match real-world behaviour of the live environment as closely as possible. We then scale the tests to match the available capacity of the test environment and user loads to give meaningful performance results. Along with that we model background processes that run on the live environment which affects performances, and also monitor the said activity to identify where the performance issues are.

We do performance testing the right way and ensure that we incorporate the performance testing early enough in the lifecycle of software development, and it provides businesses and shareholders with crucial information about their organisations and their applications that might affect them. By employing our services you can avoid running slow or going down with your application, users experiencing poor usability, and missing software vulnerabilities along with ensuring that business stays continuous and successful.

Load time can affect the performance of your app and degrade the customer experience drastically. Performance Testing Services in UAE at IntelliTech test the performance of apps at high loads, measure and verify operational capabilities to ensure you have a reliable app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance testing is a software testing method that emphasizes how a system performs when applied to a specific load. It is not about identifying errors or defects in software. Different methods of performance testing take into account benchmarks and standards. Performance testing provides developers with the diagnostic data necessary to identify and resolve bottlenecks.

 This testing process focuses on how quickly the system works. It includes tests done in a lab, called quantitative tests, and tests are done in a production-like environment called qualitative tests.

Performance Testing is a part of the testing strategy that always helps in the early detection of software vulnerabilities. These are always more affordable to solve than issues identified later in the development cycle.

  • Verify the software’s fundamental features.
  • Evaluate the software’s speed, accuracy, and stability.
  • Performance testing keeps users satisfied
  • Identify and resolve discrepancies
  • Better optimization and load capacity
  • Identifies the hardware or software issue
  • Check the application’s performance on multiple devices

At IntelliTech consulting, our dedicated Performance team measures software stability under load using cutting-edge technology. These strategies enable us to provide a high-quality service to our clients immediately and at a significant cost.
Our top Solutions make us a leading Performance Testing Services in UAE .

  • With our cloud-based test laboratories, you can simulate real-world traffic from anywhere in the world.
  • Our performance tests are effectively incorporated into the development process, allowing you to identify bottlenecks early on.
  • We check out and run real-world Performance Test data.
  • We have partnered with the best toolset providers in the industry.