Accelerate App Modernization: Embrace DevOps for Enhanced Speed and Control

Accelerate App Modernization: Embrace DevOps for Enhanced Speed and Control
Accelerate App Modernization: Embrace DevOps for Enhanced Speed and Control

With smartphones emerging as the primary internet access platform worldwide, the demand for mobile applications has skyrocketed. Businesses anticipate customer spending of over $156 billion on mobile app-based products and services. In 2021 alone, mobile app downloads are projected to reach a staggering 258 billion, marking a 45% increase since 2017. This shift in user behaviour has prompted businesses to develop a multitude of mobile apps to meet customer demands.

However, simply flooding the market with apps is no longer enough. To thrive in this competitive market, businesses must focus on delivering speed, usability, quality, security and performance. Modernizing app development has become essential; reducing costs, strengthening security, ensuring maintainability and improving code quality.

To achieve these objectives, embracing the DevOps approach is considered the optimal choice. DevOps enables businesses to streamline the app development process; ensuring efficient collaboration between development and operations teams. By adopting DevOps principles; businesses can enhance speed, control, and overall success in the modern app development landscape.

Why you should incorporate DevOps for Mobile App Development?

DevOps revolutionizes mobile app development by integrating Development and Operations, fostering collaboration among stakeholders. It breaks down silos; ensuring seamless flow throughout the development lifecycle. With the market projected to grow, businesses embrace DevOps for fast delivery and high-quality solutions. Mobile DevOps modernizes app development through iterative processes, leveraging AI, ML, and cloud services. It accelerates development cycles, improves software quality, and meets evolving user expectations. DevOps empowers businesses to stay competitive, delivering exceptional mobile experiences.

Mobile DevOps – A Way to Revolutionize to Testing Domain:

Mobile DevOps revolutionizes app development through continuous delivery and automation. It encompasses three essential steps – continuous planning & integration, testing & monitoring and continuous delivery & deployment.

Continuous planning involves collaborative efforts to define project scope and goals, while continuous integration ensures seamless code integration from multiple developers or teams. This guarantees the safekeeping and traceability of all assets. The next step, testing and monitoring, is crucial for ensuring app performance across various devices, platforms, and networks. Through DevOps testing, including emulator, simulator, and real environment testing, app quality is assured. Continuous test automation manages regular builds and efficiently identifies and mitigates bugs. Monitoring app performance in real environments using third-party SDKs enables the detection and resolution of issues. Finally, continuous delivery and deployment facilitate swift and efficient app launches by deploying code changes to the production environment and automating approved modifications.

Mobile DevOps plays a pivotal role in modernizing app development; delivering significant benefits to businesses. It enhances efficiency, enables faster time-to-market and ensures seamless collaboration among teams. By embracing Mobile DevOps; businesses can effectively meet the demands of the dynamic mobile app landscape and deliver high-quality applications to their users.

Finally, we can say that adopting a DevOps approach for app development can significantly add value, increase efficiency, and improve overall business performance. At IntelliTech, our DevOps testing solutions ensure standardized efforts, accelerated time-to-market, and enhanced deployment quality with operational efficiency. With our experienced DevOps testing specialists and strategic partnerships with leading testing tool providers, we offer continuous integration and deployment capabilities, enabling clients to achieve faster application releases, continuous feedback, and improvement across the software lifecycle. By leveraging a mix of Commercial and Open Source tools, we create collaborative development and continuous testing environments that empower businesses to modernize their apps with speed and control. Schedule a discussion with our DevOps testing experts to discover how we can help you drive the success of your app development initiatives through a DevOps approach.

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