The Role of Continuous Testing in DevOps

The Role of Continuous Testing in DevOps

Anyone working in the DevOps atmosphere must be aware of Continuous Testing. In the QA and testing field, different methodologies like DevOps, CI/CD, and Agile have become very popular. To maintain the pace of the business; all of these methodologies are effective as they help to produce a high-quality product in a flexible delivery model. 

Continuous Testing is an important part to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality software in the DevOps model. It is a way to find out bugs sooner so that the time of developers would not be wasted. When the bug is detected at the earliest level; time and resources are saved. For that reason, continuous testing is required to eliminate risks throughout the lifecycle of software development. 

As the DevOps model also focuses on delivering quality products at high speed, the continuous testing service is much required because it helps DevOps to achieve its principal – ‘quality delivery at speed’.

Role of Continuous Testing in DevOps:

To deliver reliable and high-quality software in a frequent manner; it is important for the DevOps teams to integrate automation in the software development lifecycle to build the CI/CD pipeline. Continuous testing is a part of the CI/CD pipeline in order to achieve test automation. 

CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery which is a pipeline that works together to ensure high-quality product delivery. This pipeline is completely automated and does not need any human intervention to operate. 

For continuous operation; automation is the key factor that ensures the continuity of the process and automation tools implementation possible. 

In this CI/CD pipeline; there are several parts like Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Development, and Continuous Delivery. 

In DevOps, which is the combination of Development and Operations; better collaboration between two departments is much required. 

As a result of the requirement to enhance the frequency and speed of product releases while keeping or raising a particular degree of quality, DevOps has evolved in association with the agile movement.

DevOps promotes teamwork and communication from development to deployment and necessitates pipeline automation to enable the flexibility and continuity needed to produce quality at a rapid pace today.

So, we can say that continuous testing makes it possible to achieve the goal of DevOps – quick delivery of quality software.

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