How Automated Testing Is Improving Mobile Application Development Process

How Automated Testing Is Improving Mobile Application Development Process

“The Mobile Phone acts as a cursor to connect then digital and physical world.” – Marissa Mayer 

And when your business depends on that cursor; you need to make sure it is working perfectly. A mobile application comes with the power to make or break your business. So, before launching it; you need to ensure that it is running perfectly and smoothly on any type of device around the clock. If it crashes or freezes more than one time during any operation; remember the ‘Uninstall’ button is just a click away. 

Mobile application testing has come a long way – from the waterfall model to agile testing methodologies. The agile method has improved with Software Test Automation Services. The automated testing enables the tester to check the bug in one part of the whole program without hampering the rest of the functions. 

How automated testing has overcome the challenges of manual testing?

Manual testing is a time-consuming, repetitive and cumbersome process with the scope of human error and increased cost to the company. It is a nightmare for a tester to manually test a complex mobile app. 

At that point in time, automated testing comes to the rescue. It will help to overcome all the challenges to deliver a flawless end product. 

Performance Testing: In this testing process, the performance of the application under maximum user load is tested. Via automated testing, the life cycle of testing is speed becomes faster. When your application is the main channel of your business; then it is the most crucial test that needs to be done. Through rigorous performance testing, the stability, scalability, and speed of the application are checked to meet the demand of the market. Automated testing makes it possible to test the app on a large number of different devices simultaneously which is almost impossible in manual testing.     

Functional Testing: In functional testing, it is tested whether the application is working according to the design. Through this testing, you will assure that the app is just running the way it is designed. In real-time, the user may use the app along with many other applications. It is very important that the app runs without any glitches all through. The functional testing is not for the deep layers of coding; rather it checks how much user-friendly it is.  

Different aspects like smoke testing, sanity testing, regression testing, and user acceptance testing are included under the umbrella of functional testing. 

If you are planning to develop a scalable and responsive mobile application on an Agile model, then software test automation services are the best support for it. 

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