The Impact of DevOps on QA Testing

The Impact of DevOps on QA Testing

It is true that the advent of DevOps Testing Services speeds up innovation and it compels the whole IT industry to shift to this new mode of development and delivery of software. According to the RightScale Survey, it has been seen that 54% of the companies have already implemented DevOps technology and many others are also considering it. 

Now we will focus on how QA testing methodologies have embraced the changes caused by DevOps technology. To understand the changes; we need to start from the beginning and know about the DevOp Testing services. 

DevOps is a software development methodology that combines both development and operations to integrate development into operational functions of software development in the same cycle. It needs a higher coordination level of all the stakeholders of the software lifecycle like developers, operations, and QA. It not only increases the velocity of the development process but also decreases errors. 

Automation is the key to this process. In the traditional QA process, quality improvement depends on the relationship between development and testing teams. You can notice that the outsourcing QA process during the dedicated testing window is quickly becoming obsolete. Thankfully, DevOps comes with plenty of room for improvement in the testing solutions with a strategic QA approach. 

The continuous testing and test-driven development approach are the two main factors that make the testing process faster with high-quality assurance. When QA professionals transition their work environment to the DevOps module, they are able to add more value to the life cycle of software development. 

In the traditional testing environment, the build that is deployed in a certain environment will do the functional and regression testing. In this process, the build generally sits with the QA environment before QA would finish the build.   

In DevOps, the above-stated steps are changed. In the DevOps testing methods, the QA has to align the effort within the lifecycle of the DevOps process. The test cases are automated to get 100% code coverage. The testing environment must be standardized with automation in the deployment of QA boxes. 

The operation of DevOps needs well-organized coordination among the functions of the deliverable chains. And everyone in the process can contribute to the chain. For example, in the QA repository, the deployment engineers are able to add test cases while a dev can contribute to the configuration of deployment. In this way, everyone in the chain is responsible for the quality and delivery timeline of the end product.  

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